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Have you ever needed to know how to create digital products, make mocks, register your business, create mocks, host a video conference, email and or text marketing, build a website or etc? Then look no further. Let me help you take your entrepreneurship to the next level. This is a digital resource guide. It will not teach you how to do any of these things but simply give you the tools and resources to do the things that you may have always needed and or wanted to know. This file is not a physical product. This file will be sent to you once payment is processed. This e-book includes apps as well as websites for running any business and or making it more easy to manage. It includes 41 pages with over 200 sources.


For personal USE ONLY and may not be resold or disturbed without consent from me. 

Apps & Resources for Crafters & Entrepreneurs eBook

$30.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
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