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Please note the following terms and conditions regarding your order before purchase:

  1. No Refunds or Exchanges: All sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges on any items purchased. Please ensure that you have selected your products carefully and verified your order before finalizing your purchase.

  2. Not Responsible for Delayed Packages: Our responsibility ends once the package is handed over to the shipping carrier. We are not liable for any packages that are delayed during transit. This includes, but is not limited to, delays caused by weather conditions, shipping service interruptions, customs delays, or any other circumstances beyond our control.

  3. Weather-related Delays: We are not responsible for shipping delays due to adverse weather conditions. Weather can be unpredictable and can affect transportation and delivery routes. We appreciate your understanding in the event that weather impacts the timely delivery of your package.

      Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation regarding these terms. By completing your purchase, you acknowledge and agree to these conditions.

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